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Our Services

This is an overview of the services we offer. We would love to take your questions! Kindly reach out as soon as possible!

Student Visa

We offer hassle-free student visa application assistance services. Our experts will assist you with preparation of documents, ensure their accuracy, and explain the process to you as you go through it. Our customer-focused services will meet your individual needs and requirements.

Renewing green card

This service assists customers through the Green Card renewal process, including assistance preparing forms, document submission, and explaining renewal requirements so your forms accurately reflect your information. Our goal is to make the process seamless, ensuring customers have the appropriate information on their forms required by the Immigration Services.

Applying for citizenship

Our citizenship service helps people become new citizens smoothly. Our team is experienced and can answer questions about immigration forms and requirements to become a naturalized US citizen. We are proud to help people become citizens in a professional and caring way.


Our translation service is accurate and timely. We can translate into many different languages. Attention to detail is our priority to ensure timely delivery of error-free translations. We serve individuals and businesses for legal, personal, and commercial document translation needs.

Tax filing

Our tax filing service is tailored for immigrants, considering their unique challenges. We ensure compliance with tax laws, assist with tax deductions and credits, and provide personalized service. Entrust us with your taxes to focus on other aspects of your life with peace of mind.

Notary public

Our notary public service verifies the authenticity of signatures and documents for legal or business purposes. We certify the validity of documents and signatures to ensure compliance and avoid potential legal issues. Let us help you safely and legally authenticate important documents.

Bankruptcy/credit repair

We offer bankruptcy form preparation services and credit repair services. We can assist our customers with filing their bankruptcy forms online. Our staff will explain the bankruptcy forms to help you understand your choices that you will make.

Resume for students

Our student resume service helps young learners create a professional resume that showcases their academic achievements, work experience, and extracurricular activities. Our expert writers work with students to highlight their accomplishments and provide feedback on how to tailor their resume for specific job openings. Improve your chances of landing your dream job or internship with our custom resume service.


We offer a stress-free and professional divorce filing service with a compassionate team. We handle the entire process, guiding you through paperwork and filing all necessary documents for a quick and smooth divorce. Our aim is to provide a respectful and sensitive experience for our clients, helping them move forward in the best way possible.